Nutrition Analyser

Nutrition Analyser 1.3

Diet Tracking Software in which you log your daily meals

Diet Tracking Software in which you log your daily meals and then analyse their nutrient values against set goals. Monitor you weight gain/loss. Set your Goals: As soon as you start the application, you will be prompted to set your weight gaols and your targets for Calories, Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate as well as for Vitamins and Minerals. Easy Daily Log for you meals: No more paper diary. With this simple to use daily intake organiser, you can record the daily meals ready for use with your reports and analysis. Comprehensive Food Database: The application comes inclusively with the latest USDA Food Composition Database which contains over 6000 food items complete with nutritional data for micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Recipe Management system: With these simple features, organise your healthy recipes and analyse their nutrient values. These recipes can be categorised by the country origine, cuisine with an easy search feature for later retrieval. These recipes would be available to be used with your daily intake organiser. Quick and thorough Reporting: The analysis feature provide a simple reporting to understand how you going and adjust your plan for better results. The reporting could demonstrate your weight progress in graphical or tabular form as well as it will present you with daily average nutrient consumption with a comparison against your set goals. Powerful yet simple Software: A complete diet tracking software that is simple to use. All data in the software is modifiable where you can add, edit and delete food, recipe and even use it with multiple users. You can add daily meals from the foods, recipe database or with a simple click you can copy a meal(s) from previous day if you tend to repeat what you eat, thus simplifying the process. The reporting can be applied for a day, weeks or any period of time, simply select the start date and the end day for your report and the information is summarised for that period.

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